Expanding composition toolbox

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Expanding composition toolbox

Post by Tyrannus » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:17 am

Alright guys, before I begin I'd like to recognize that there are many in this community that find the limitations of the compositional tools DS10/+ provides to be a beneficial aspect of the program, and that some may be adverse to the suggestion of the usage of software or hardware not necessarily located on the DS. In that sense, we may not agree; however, I do believe that all sound generation for my music as relating to the project I'm working on should come from this program, or M01.

That being said, I have a DS Phat and a DS Lite. I cannot use the full feature list contained within DS10+. Thus, I'm looking for a way to enhance my compositional abilities on the go, through the use of portable devices. There are a couple avenues I'm looking to explore, and will need guidance regarding each.

The first is keeping with DS music creation software. I have 2 DS's, and have discovered a way to route the sounds generated from my primary DS, running DS10, to my second DS, which is running Nitrotracker. With the use of some creative jury-rigging, I can input the sound directly from DS10 in through the proprietary microphone jack in the second device, recording into Nitrotracker using the built-in sampler. My problem is this: Audio quality. The audio quality is abysmal, and completely inadequate for any form of production. Has anyone experimented with something similar to this, and found a solution? My current rig consists of a hacked NDS headset, with a standard male stereo connection with both wires therein connected directly to the corresponding microphone's wire in the headset. Is there a better way of doing this?

Second option. I have the ability to record DS10 sound into a program on my smartphone not unlike Audacity. My question regarding this is, how would one compose a song? There would have to be multiple entries, layers, different tracks, etc. all within the same key (which can get tricky with evolving sounds) and time signature, as well as live edits during the sampling or recording process. Anyone got some helpful hints/tricks for going about this?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Expanding composition toolbox

Post by Cfgk24 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:40 am

Wow, that sounds complicated! Seriously? sounds like you need to invest in DS10+ x2 Carts and nintendo Dsi consoles ( Nitendo 2Ds would be great too!
I think this route would save you a load of time and effort and would also give you far better results - Record into a DAW and multitrack. . . . .

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